Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tips for Indians, Traveling first time in New York

Here are some useful tips from my experience if you are a first time visitor to USA from India.

1) 7-Day Unlimited Pass - If your travel duration in USA is more than 5 days, I will strongly recommend you to purchase this 7 days Metrocard pass. This will cost you around $39 and this pass is good for unlimited subway and local bus rides until midnight, 7 days from day of first use. You can also have 30-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard as well depending upon your travel stay. Subway Network is very wide in New York. A single ride cost you $2.50 and because of their widespread network in New York, Subway is a great way of commuting from one place to another. You can save money and hassle both by opting for 7 days pass.

2) The Subway Network works differently than what we have here in Delhi Metro. On the same platform, you will find same train (N, R, S etc..) coming from left and right. Which one to choose? Better to get a printed version of Subway Network map with you and confirm from others about the place where you want to reach. People are quite friendly and they help you.

3) Using Automated Machine - Below is the snap of automated MTA Vending Machine. You can use this machine if you want to recharge your Metro card. In my case, I found it little confusing in first chance, but from 2nd and 3rd trial, you can get familiar with it. It accepts currency coins as well as currency notes. The machine accepts cash quite fast and you need not to insert the notes number of times. The mechanism is good.  It has the option of single ride, specific amount to be added and other options as well. If you want a single day ride or need 7day/30 day pass, you can purchase it from nearby counter (every station has that). When stuck anywhere, ask for help from nearby person.

3) Try spending some time in TripAdvisor and read about the places famous to visit in New York. You will get lot of advise and feedback about which things are to consider while planning for the site visit. 

4) If you are a vegetarian person, I will suggest you to take lot of fruits (you will get different kind of fruits over there), salads, flavored yogurt (look for egg contains). I will also suggest you to look for any Indian restaurant nearby. There are plenty, (though I have found only 1 near my hotel) and get their phone number for home delivery. Because it could be possible that you might reach late due to work (site seeing). So better to get the home delivery in hotel before you reach. Check for the ingredients as all items clearly mentions the ingredients used in making.

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