Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day 2 - Statue of Liberty

Day 2 (5th July) - Second attraction in New York Tour was to take the cruise tour of Statue of Liberty and Staten Island. One thing to mention here that finding the place from where to get the cruise was one of the tedious task I experienced.

It took me almost 1 hour and 20 minutes to find the exact location. First I went to a different direction and after reaching there I was being told that the cruise which is mentioned in my ticket doesn't operate from here and I need to reach to opposite direction to reach there. Then I went back to Big Bus person and told him to again tell me the direction. The answer of my question was - to go to "Water Street". I headed to one direction as I was being told and then I had to get back for around half kilometer to take the right side of the road. From that point, it was another 30 minutes walk to reach at the place where whistle blower cruise operates.

However, since the weather was good, I didn't feel tired. Finally I reached there and I was relieved. I decided to take the lunch after completing this sight seeing activity. While coming out from the the sight seeing place, I met an Indian Person who spoke with me in Punjabi Language. He told me a place where I can get authentic Indian Food, but that place was around 25 kilometers away. Though there were number of eating options on different locations, but majority of them were non-vegetarian items, so I thought it will be good if I can get some Indian food. However, since there were shortage of what I wanted to eat, I preferred Subway foot long burger to get some energy in.  I was aware that finding Indian Food will going to be difficult but finding eating point like Subway is not difficult in New York.

Caught in the wrong foot - I first reached this location, but this wasn't the place where I should have supposed to be.

At water street. Photo taken by an Indian boy. He was there with his family and did the photo shoot for me. He was quite confident though :)

This is the place from where I got the cruise. I was feeling relieved to finally reached there. Although it was around 3.30 pm but still it wasn't that hot. Nice free flow wind was breezing out there.

At the cruise

Writing in the sky

Take the snap please.

Statue of Liberty


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