Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 2 - New York Bus Tour

Day 2 (5th July): On the 2nd day of my trip, my office colleagues arrived in the hotel. However they had their own travel plans. Since all of them were married, few of them wanted to visit ToysRUS to buy toys for their kids, then 2 members wanted to visit some museums. For me, it was like - I will go with you to the place where you are going.  It was like obligation. I didnt want to go to ToysRUS, neither I wanted to visit any museum on 2nd day itself.  I decided to visit the city myself without waiting (or looking) for anyone else and I must say this was a wise decision. I learned a lot by travelling alone. First from India to New York and then here... I really liked exploring the things by my own. It gave me confidence, self belief and patience. Really it was a great learning.

I inquired from hotel, that I want to visit the city and they suggested me about Bus Tour and also told me that I can get the bus from Times Square.

What's next then. I took the breakfast from Hotel (quite a nice breakfast in $14), went to nearby Subway station at 39th avenue, took the N train to Times Square Station as I checked on Google Direction and arrived at Times Square.

Learning: One of the most important thing which I learned during my 10 days stay in New York was to start the day with a healthy meal in breakfast. In my case (before this trip), I used to skip breakfast or have it light. But here in New York, breakfast was the only complete meal which I used to have in the entire day. The area where I put in - Indian restaurants were quite far away and by the time I reach there, they were all close. Also, another thing was I am vegetarian and it's very difficult to have complete vegetarian food there. So I learn not to skip breakfast ever and always prefer a healthy breakfast because the energy that you get early in the day from your breakfast will remain with you in the entire day.

Just as i came out of the metro station, I met Big Bus representatives who offered me 2 days Big Bus city site seeing tour including 1 extra day tour (that also included 1 night tour as well). What's up then. The deal was good and I decided to buy this. It cost me $59.

As I boarded the bus, it took us to different roads in New York. The guide was very good and he was narrating story of each landmark in different roads. The first sight seeing location which I decided to visit was Brooklyn Bridge

Here are the snaps:

Looking at me?

Tour Guide: He was very good.