Thursday, 20 November 2014

Sweet Memories - DD Kids Programs (Nostalgia)

Last week we went to our sister’s house for some work and there I was playing with my niece. She was restless because of running nose and cold. In order to calm her down, I played a cartoon video of my time – "ek chidiya anek chidya" on YouTube.  During our childhood days, we used to watch this cartoon every day on Doordarshan, so I thought this might interest her. While I played this video for her, I was surprise to see the magnetic effect this cartoon has on her; she was watching it with complete dedication, utmost seriousness as if something very important is going on which cannot be missed.  I remember we used to have same magnetic effect whenever this cartoon was played in TV during those days. Bout of nostalgia ran in my mind and I thought about those kids programs which we used to watch on Doordarshan during our boyhood. 

ek chidiya anek chidiya

Super Sundays:  It was the only day in the week, when Doordarshan plays back to back kids program. I remember we used to get up early in the morning to watch these programs. 

During those days, our Sunday usually starts from:

Rangoli at 8 am till 9am

Then Jungle Book from 9am. This program is something which could not have been missed at any cost. Breakfast can be skipped, but not this program. 

Then Ducktales from 9.30 to 10.00am.

And then tales pin from 10am to 10.30am

Other memorable DD programs for KIDS:  This is my collection BTW :)


"Mile Sur Mera Tumhaara" – Who can forget this? Master Art. Shows Colors of India. Unity in Diversity.  Must for Kids to watch. Another Gem from DD Era.

"Sara Bharat Ye kahe – Desh mein eka rahe" Beautiful songs with very nice lyrics.

Shaktiman – First Indian Super Hero

Vikram Betal – Beautiful stories with learning at the end.  Highly recommended for kids.

What is your favorite kids program during old Doordarshan days? Please share!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Are you Workaholic? Maintain Work - Life Balance!

Few months back, I read an article somewhere about set of people who often being labeled as Workaholic. Considering the intense pressure in offices these days, tight deadlines, insecurities, competition, work-life patterns, I think its important to discuss with my blog readers. As per my observation workaholism is a state of mind, where a person try to relate everything (happening around him) to his WORK.  For workaholic person, work never stops. Even after leaving office – he still surrounded by thoughts about his work. Doesn’t matter if he is at home, but he is very much involved in official activities like preparing reports, talking to colleagues about office work.

During weekends, when we all should spend quality time with our family/friends, a workaholic person spend time discussing office issues and thinking of how to resolve them. For some people - Monday means start of another work week, but for workaholics - Monday means getting into comfortable zone as they find themselves satisfied/relieved when involved in official work.

Now instead of referring to others (whom we don’t know) as workaholics, I will say we also become workaholic sometimes.  Due to intense pressure in office these days, we often work late hours in office or do some work from home as well. Some people do that, because their colleagues are doing so. While I don’t buy this point of copying others, but I also cannot hide from the fact that sometime we bring official tension to our home which in turn results when we start ignoring people around us and get irritated easily. Why? because our mind is preoccupied with official matters and we don't want anyone to disturb us.  

I will say- it's good to give priority to your work, it is infect very important, but over doing it and bringing it to a level, which affects you and people around you, is not helpful. By over doing it, you are not helping anyone (not even yourself), but creating an uneasy environment which is not good for your overall growth.  A workaholic person often gets so tired after a long day that he has no stamina for any activity outside work.  It’s a vicious cycle.  This inability to balance work and personal life leads to grief from family, which reinforces the idea that work is an ideal way to escape from personal conflicts. 

Here are some points which will help to come out from workaholism Zone:

-    Give importance to your work/job (must love what you are doing) be passionate about it, but don't bring it to a level which affects your health and your equation with others. The way you love your work, similarly you need to love the time you get with your family. Don't let others to define your work patterns.

-    Harness habits and skills that allow you to make your own rules in this rate race

-    Take leave(s) some times & never mind about it. Plan vacation with your family/friends and enjoy this break.

-    Avoid discussing official matters during lunch sessions. A break means some free time from official work. 

-    Refuse to feel guilty when you are not working, (this doesn't mean taking long breaks for no reason) – Most Important. This is something I say to myself most of the time.

-    Spend weekends with your family friends and enjoy this time to the fullest.

-    Get yourself involved in some activity – like joining dance classes, music classes, swimming. This will make you excited about weekends and you will think less about official work.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Always Open to Learn & Share with others

We must be always ready to sit at the feet of all, for mark you, everyone can teach us great lessons. Says our great law giver, Manu: “Receive some good knowledge even from the low-born and even from the man of lowest birth learn by service the road to heaven.”

We, therefore, as true children of Manu, must obey his commands and be ready to learn the lessons of this life or the life hereafter from anyone who can teach us.

I completely agree to this. A person is always a student, there is always something new to learn every time (be it while interacting with others to know their views, traveling to new places, reading a book, watching movie… tons of examples which gives us teaching every day).  However, I believe it becomes our duty as well to pass our learning to others and let them take the best out of it (by using their own wisdom). Knowledge sharing is very important. As someone rightly said - "the best use of the skill is when it is being shared with others." 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Trip to Sariska - Finally reached Sariska Tiger Reserve

Finally we reached Sariska Tiger Reserve at 2.30pm (after visiting Bhangarh Fort). The price is Rs. 635/- per person which includes Jungle Safari & entry to National Park.

Initially we were very excited as we were anticipating different wild animals (specially Tiger :P), however we have seen only few, which includes three from deer family - Cheetals, Nelgai & Swamp Deer. Other species includes - wild boar and peacocks. That's it.

Reality Check - The Sariska National Park is full of deers. You can find Cheetals, Nelgai and Swamp Deers everywhere. Other than that, you will mostly spot number of peacocks. It's very rare that you will find Tiger or any major species like Leopard, Bear, Cheeta etc which one can expect in Jungle. We also met with other groups who were also taking a ride on jungle Safari. We asked them what they have seen and response was - Cheetals and we were not surprised at all because we have also seen the same. 

Jungle Safari - 
Don't do in Afternoon/Evening
I won't recommend for Jungle Safari in evening. However, you can go for early morning Jungle Safari to see if the park offers wide variety of wild animals. Important to mention about staff at Sariska National Park. Since they knew that people are complaining about not seeing anything major than Cheetals, they tried to hoodwink us by saying that they have got the information from control room that a male & female tiger are roaming in nearby region. Initially we felt excited as we were waiting for the king of jungle to arrive, but soon we realized it was trick of the staff to show that this place host variety of wild species.

Take Jeep instead of cantor - Because Cantor make lot of noise, so even the outside chance of seeing some species will go in vain. Hire a jeep which makes less noise.

Pandupol Temple - Must Visit
Yes, one place which you can visit in this National Park is - Pandupol Hanuman Temple. Must visit place. This temple is right there at the end of the jungle (at an isolated place), but its very well maintained with proper construction. We were told that on Tuesday and Saturday, private vehicles are allowed to enter in the park. So, remember - if you have the time & want to save the cost, you can visit this place on Tuesday & Saturday on your own car.

My rating - not so exciting because of less variety of wild animals.

Pandupol Hanuman Temple - A must visit place in Sariska National Park

End of a memorable trip to Sariska