Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Day 8 - US Roads (Countryside)

Day 8 (11th July) - Here are some snaps of roads throughout the journey on Niagara Falls. These pictures were taken on the way from 1000 islands location to our hotel (where we stayed for overnight ) in Rochester.

Entering the site for Thousand Island Cruise Tour

Our Tour Bus

The roads are so clean

This is the place, where we stopped for evening snacks and dinner.

If you can spot there is a Indian restaurant - Haveli Indian Restaurant. I didn't notice it when I get off from the bus. So I went to Burger King and purchase two burgers and Coke. Once I came out and walked towards our bus, I found this Indian Restaurant. I thought why I didn't find it earlier. However, I went there and ordered two Aloo Naans. They took $10 for this. But the stuff wasn't good and eventually I haven't eaten even one of them.

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