Monday, 16 February 2015

Very Inspiring / Versatile Blogger Awards


Blogging is treating me quite well. It’s been around 6 months since I started my blog and since then I made lot of blogger friends.  With blogging we get to know the persons behind the content, their thoughts, their feelings, their skills. It’s true – bloggers share the thoughts on their blog which they don’t even share with their closed ones.  Though I never personally met any of my blogger friends, but the kind of relationship we share is very deep, very strong.

Continuing with my blogging journey so far, I feel super excited and humble at the same time after getting nominated (in Jan, 2015) for ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ from my blogger friend Abhijit Bangal on his Blogpost. Abhijit writes very interesting posts for technology and Internet Marketing topics. Thanks Abhijit for nomination.  As I mentioned in your blog, it means a lot and motivates me to write more meaningful posts.

Came Feb and I got another nomination for ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ from my close IndiBlogger friend Shveta Dave on her blog. Shweta writes for SunShineAndZephyr. She has mastered the art of writing super creative posts of fiction. Like many other readers, I regularly read all her blog posts. I admire her for being Numero Uno in her field of writing. Some of her blog posts including ‘The Verdict’, ‘Unison’, ‘Soulmate’ are just tremendous to read. I thank Shweta once again for nominating me for this award. Really means a lot.

As per the rules, I need to mention 7 things about me. Here you go:

1) I have been working in the field of Digital Marketing from last 10 years.  I am passionate about my work. However I do think that work-life balance is very important and should not be ignored.

2) I have deep belief in Supreme Being.  For me, one can find GOD everywhere – be it Nature, Music, reading a book, eating food, sleeping under bright sunshine, playing with kids, enjoying rain…..everywhere hint of GOD. It is up to us to identify it and thank for everything we have got.

3) Though I haven’t traveled much, but I really like exploring new cultures, new places, take learnings from their way of life. Traveling for me is not just a break from work Or a leisure activity but also an opportunity to enhance my knowledge, to broaden my view about different things. 

4) For me, a person is always a student. There is no end of learning/knowledge. Every moment teaches you a lot. At the same time, all these learnings are in vain if we cannot apply it in our daily life. It’s very much like we are eating but not enjoying our food. While learning is lifelong process, but sometime it also gets important to share our learning with others i.e. to become teacher sometime and help other people with our learning. 

5) I like Book Reading a lot. I was first introduced to a book ‘The Alchemist’ and since then I developed a great interest in reading books. Now-a-days I am reading ‘Awakening India’ by Swami Vivekanand. Next in line is ‘Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khalid Hosseni. 

6) I would like to contribute for the welfare of society and want to help my country through my skill set.  I know my area of expertise (IT field) and I would like to use them to do something for the society. I have some plans and I am quite hopeful that I will be able to implement my ideas in near future.

7) Topics in my blog are mainly related to those situations which give us some learning from simple life facts. I really like “Talking Tour” series of my blog which gives me the opportunity to interact with different people and get to know their thoughts about certain topics. I am thankful to my friend Akum who introduced me to IndiBlogger.

Now for the 15 blogs which I would like to nominate for this award are these:

01) Meenal Sonal for Auraofthoughts

02) Parul Thakur for

03) Shreedhar Bhattaram for Reflecting on Life

04) Vinay Nagaraju For

05) Indrani Ghose for

06) Sunil Deepak for ChayaChitrakaar

07) Ami for YearFullofHolidays

08) Mehreen Shaikh for ObscureUnnecessaryDrama

09) Kiran Sahu for

10) Indrani Ghose for FrozenMoments

11) Debajyoti Ghosh for

12) Renuka for Renuka-VoyagerforLife

13) Arti for

14) Alok for

15) Jatin for WanderingJatin

While there are other wonderful blogs which I read on daily basis, but due to rule constraint I have to restrict myself to only 15. Congratulations to every blogger! Let's keep the good work of appreciation going on. My request to all nominated bloggers to follow the Very Inspiring Blogger Award Rules as follows:

- Display the Award on your Blog.
- Notify back to the Blogger who nominated you.
- Say 7 points about you.
- Nominate 15 Bloggers for the Award, link them and inform them about the nominations.

Happy Blogging!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

VIP Movement on Delhi Road

Click taken during VIP movement on busy Delhi Road. Traffic stalled for over 10 minutes and I decided to capture this moment. See, they blocked both sides of the road. No one was allowed to walk over towards that direction, not even pedestrians because of security reasons.

Will the newly elected government in Delhi put an end to VIP culture as they advertise (and at what level it is required)? Question to answer. We will wait and watch.