Saturday, 6 December 2014

Prayer/Worship generates Positive Vibrations

I was thinking about some topic to write after a gap for two hectic weeks, there were number of things to write for. However, today while walking on the terrace in evening, I thought to write something positive. It was around 5.55pm and there were sounds of evening prayers from every where. I then decided to write about Prayers/Worship.

When we do worship/recite a prayer, it generates lot of positivity. Here I want to include even those as well who don't worship in front of an idol (or for a deity) but remember God (in any beautiful form including meditation). For me, that act of thanking the supreme being for everything is also a form of worship. 

Coming back to the topic - while worshiping, we always think positive...very positive, there are always good thoughts come in our mind and we request almighty to take care of everyone. We also request him to forgive us for our misdeed. Just Imagine this time in the whole day, how much positive we feel when we think of God or his blessings in any form. Our mind is preoccupied with lot of things and we keep on thinking about them every time, but during this period (of spiritual connect), we distract our self from these worldly affairs and connect to the super natural power which is omnipresent, omnipotent - which gives us courage to fight against the odds, contribute in national building, help others in whatever way we can.

Even when we recite a prayer, it makes us really strong as we feel good from inside because of  positive vibrations generated.

The need is to carry these positive thoughts throughout the day and apply them in our day to day life. Think positive, feel positive, always eager to learn and share with others, don't be afraid of results. God is the only dispenser of results; leave it to Him and do your Karma which is your road of salvation. You agree?


  1. Yes!
    Like it is said, do your very best, God will do the rest!