Thursday, 18 December 2014

Celebrating Season - 'Winters' Finally Arrived

It’s the time of the year again when there is mist in the air, when there is “warmth” in sunshine, when parks & gardens attracts more visitors during day time, when we eat more and drink less, when days are short and nights long – Yes, I am referring Winter Season. "My name is Winter & I finally arrived". Though it got delayed by couple of weeks this year, but no complaints, we are enjoying this change in climate. The recent snowfall in hilly areas dipped the temperature by 10oC and last Sunday there was heavy showers in Delhi NCR and weather remained cloudy throughout the day. It was beautiful day in the weekend.

This change in climate has brought those old sweaters, jackets, inners, mufflers which were hiding somewhere in cupboard/almirahs. Now, early mornings are little laid back as we tend to take extra 15-20 minutes to leave bed. Suddenly, sale of tea, soups, samosas etc. have grown up. You find more people spending time on terrace enjoying the bright sunshine and in a way appreciating the Nature; elderly women take this opportunity to knit woolen sweaters for their kids – This is the best part.

These changes in our lifestyle due to change in weather has impressed me so much that I decided to write a post every time when there is change in season. In a way, there is strong connection between nature and living beings and these seasons give us the opportunity to realize this connection.

So, if I ask a question – what are the best things you like about winters? So here are my best picks:

Winter Fashion Trends – For me, personal grooming gets an extra space in winters when we know we can add another dimension in our usual dressing with blazers, jackets, sweaters, sweat shirts etc.  Don’t men look more stylish with winter clothes than plain shirt & trouser combination?

Satisfy your taste bud – One thing which I really like about winter is plethora of dishes to try for. Digestive system usually works well during winters and we tend to eat more than usual.

Comes the winter in full swing and we have variety of Paranthas (flatbread) for our bellies – Mooli parantha, methi parantha, gobhi parantha, plain parantha along with butter, is the trademark breakfast during winters in Northern Part.

Seasonal stuff for Time pass – Lot of options available in winters: 

Peanuts & Chikkis – Best thing about peanuts is you keep on consuming it though you know you are stomach full. Try it with salt and it adds another dimension in taste.

Fruits Bonanza – Guavas, Oranges, Grapes – Go to terrace and enjoy these juicy fruits under bright sun shine.

Dry fruits – Good for health and a very useful time pass in winters

Soups – During winters, these soups become the best appetizers – hot n sour, tomato soup, sweet corn soup, noodle soup etc. I like Thai Mashroom soup, what’s about you?

Last but not least Tea/Coffee – This is one of the most popular habit of all seasons, however in winter season consumption of tea/coffee is just increased 2 to 3 times than usual.

Reading book under bright Sunshine – Don’t know about others but I really like reading under the sun during winters.

Early morning exercise – Early morning workout has its own charm in winters. Whether you are doing Yoga, running, weightlifting or simply jogging, early morning dew and fog make it perfect to concentrate on your workout activities.

Gateway to festive season – While in India, festive season starts from Navratras in Sep-Oct, but due to global warming, winters are now pushed ahead to December. Real winters now last for two months (Dec-Jan). During this time, we attend marriage functions; celebrate festivals like Christmas, New Year, Lohri, Pongal etc. In West, people celebrate Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year – After 15th December, majority of these people go on holiday and come after 1st week of January.

These are some of my favorite picks from Winter season. What about you? Please share your winter experience. Would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Winter is my favorite next to spring. All that yummy food made me hungry. Now I have to rush to the kitchen and fix something to eat. ;)

    1. Hahaha, good. I am also sipping the coffee while reading your post :)

      Thanks for liking the post. Wish you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015.