Monday, 22 December 2014

Talking Tours (2nd Installment) - Samir Gupta

Here is the 2nd installment of Talking Tours. This time, Samir Gupta, from west Delhi shared his thoughts with us. He was soft spoken and discussed everything in detail.

Talking Tour is a series of personal interviews about those who does posses thoughts of their own. By interacting with different people and to know their thoughts, gives me a good feeling. Every one has a story to tell. Each one of us, has some attributes which are unique some times and common most often.

Tell our readers something about yourself.
I am from Punjab. We shifted to Delhi in 80s. I live in a joint family. In academics, I have done MBA & I work in a travel company in NCR Region.

What is in your personality which you like the most?
Punctuality - I am very punctual & hate those who doesn't value time.

What is in your personality which you dislike?
Sometime I over think on petty issues. This over-thinking, sometimes generates negative thoughts which I want
to overcome.

What are the qualities in a man which you like?
I like people who stand by what they say. People change their words when put in the actual situation & I hate them who are deceptive.

What are the qualities in a woman which you like?
Understanding nature, patience level, supportive & emotionally strong characteristics

What places you have traveled so far? What is your favorite place & why?
Though I haven't traveled much, but still I can list some places:
In India - I have been to Shimla, Mussorrie, Chandigarh,
Abroad, I have visited Thailand & Dubai. Till now, Thailand is my best pick as it was my first abroad travel and I really liked the nature over there.

Which place you have traveled recently and how was the experience?
Shimla - Very good place. Famous for weather, I was lucky to experience cloudy season over there. It was like heaven on earth.

Can you name some of your favorite hangout places in the city you live in?
Deer park in Hauz Khas, Humayun Tomb, Qutub Minar in New Delhi.

Are you a foody? Which food you liked the most?
Yes, I am a big time foody. I love Punjabi food mainly Dal-Makhni, Paneer Tikka, Shahi Paneer, Chilly Paneer (with lot of onions is must for me).

Tell us something about your hobbies?
I like playing outdoor games mainly volleyball, basketball, lawn tennis. Basically sporting activities interests me a lot.

If not in your current role, what would you want to be?
An Entrepreneur & I certainly think I will become an entrepreneur one day.

How you cope up pressure situation?
I try to divert my mind in some other activity. Instead of thinking too much on it, I try to involve in some other activity. After some time, when I feel fresh, I then work for solution.

What is your mantra of life?
Believe in yourself & expect less.

How you start your day?
When I wake up, I crave to get some fresh air. I go up to the balcony and enjoy the morning air. That is my way of connecting the supreme being.

Who is your reel life hero/heroines?
Shahrukh Khan - because of amount of hard work he has put in to reach this level.

Which character in history (or current life) inspire you the most?
Karna in Mahabharata. As I mentioned in my introduction, I like people who stand by their words. Karna was a character who stood by his words despite knowing the truth. This inspires me a lot about value of words.

Your favorite movies/shows?
Mahabharata (BR Chopra) / Pursuit of Happiness / Haasil

What do you think are the biggest areas for improvement in our country?
Bringing down the black money and thus increase cash flow in the country.
Increase security measures.

Do you cast your vote every time?
Sometimes. Because I don't have the trust the way Indian Political system works.

Anything which you want to share with readers who read this interview?
Don't be governed by others. In this rat race, develop your own methods of success. Don't over think on anything and enjoy the simple moments of life.

We wish Samir Merry Christmas and a Great New Year 2015.


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