Thursday, 20 November 2014

Sweet Memories - DD Kids Programs (Nostalgia)

Last week we went to our sister’s house for some work and there I was playing with my niece. She was restless because of running nose and cold. In order to calm her down, I played a cartoon video of my time – "ek chidiya anek chidya" on YouTube.  During our childhood days, we used to watch this cartoon every day on Doordarshan, so I thought this might interest her. While I played this video for her, I was surprise to see the magnetic effect this cartoon has on her; she was watching it with complete dedication, utmost seriousness as if something very important is going on which cannot be missed.  I remember we used to have same magnetic effect whenever this cartoon was played in TV during those days. Bout of nostalgia ran in my mind and I thought about those kids programs which we used to watch on Doordarshan during our boyhood. 

ek chidiya anek chidiya

Super Sundays:  It was the only day in the week, when Doordarshan plays back to back kids program. I remember we used to get up early in the morning to watch these programs. 

During those days, our Sunday usually starts from:

Rangoli at 8 am till 9am

Then Jungle Book from 9am. This program is something which could not have been missed at any cost. Breakfast can be skipped, but not this program. 

Then Ducktales from 9.30 to 10.00am.

And then tales pin from 10am to 10.30am

Other memorable DD programs for KIDS:  This is my collection BTW :)


"Mile Sur Mera Tumhaara" – Who can forget this? Master Art. Shows Colors of India. Unity in Diversity.  Must for Kids to watch. Another Gem from DD Era.

"Sara Bharat Ye kahe – Desh mein eka rahe" Beautiful songs with very nice lyrics.

Shaktiman – First Indian Super Hero

Vikram Betal – Beautiful stories with learning at the end.  Highly recommended for kids.

What is your favorite kids program during old Doordarshan days? Please share!


  1. I remember these very well :)
    Good to see all of them again here.

  2. Those were the days! Thanks for bringing back the lovely times! :-)

    1. Yes Indeed, those were the days.. full of excitement. Today, we have the luxury of 24x7 kids channels, but in those days we had only Sunday and we spend the whole week in anticipation of that one day.
      Glad that you liked the post :)

  3. Though I was not a child then, but I enjoyed all these shows with my kids.

    1. Thanks Rekhaa Ji. I am glad that you can still connect to these shows even after so many years. :)

  4. I remember those super Sundays but there was only one channel (it was a good thing, perhaps) so if there was an international cricket match on sunday then they used to broadcast the match instead. so either way, sundays used to be good :)

    thank you for writing this wonderful post :)

    1. Yes right. Those were the days. I don't know if you remember another program during DD days - "Bush Great Catches Contest" where they used to feature catches of the week. That was also a fantastic program.

      Thanks Debajyoti for liking this post.

  5. Junglee Book was my favourite! For long I thought Mogli actually existed...:P

    1. Good to know. It was my favorite as well. That is why I mentioned specifically - "breakfast can be missed, but not this program". Those were the days :)