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Talking Tours (5) - Imliakum (Akum)

Here is the 5th edition of "Talking Tours". This time, I met Imliakum Kichu (popularly known as 'Akum') who hails from beautiful northeast region of India (Nagaland). Akum is a passionate writer, a travel enthusiast, hardcore metal fan and play drums for a Metal Band during weekends. During Interview, he was spontaneous & very friendly.  I enjoyed having this little discussion with him. Hope you like it too.

Talking Tour is a series of personal interviews about those who does posses thoughts of their own. It's good to know thoughts of different people - what they think on various topics, what keeps them ticking. May be there is a learning for us somewhere in these thoughts. Each one of us, has some attributes which are unique some times and common most often.

Let's start this know about Akum.

Tell our readers something about yourself.
Am a travel enthusiast, a music lover and a Royal Enfield fan, though I get to travel once every two months (blame it to my job) and pursue my other two passion during the weekends. Plus, am also the occasional day dream.

What is in your personality which you like the most?
I guess, am very friendly.

What is in your personality which you dislike?
In one word ‘Laziness’

What are the qualities in a man which you like?
Open minded, respect for women and someone who stick to his words.

What are the qualities in a woman which you like?
Someone who can speak what she feels, pursue her dreams and stand up for her rights no matter what all the stuck up close minded people says.

What places you have traveled so far? What is your favorite place & why?
I have been to lot of places...... and it’s very difficult to pick just one destination. But if I really have to pick one, it would be Hampi in Karnataka. The mysticism of all the ancient ruins and the laid back ambiance of the entire area make it quite unique from all the places I have been.

Which place you have traveled recently and how was the experience?
I took an awesome bike tour of North East India and it was an experience of a lifetime. You can check out about my tour here

Can you share some photographs of your recent bike tour?
Here are these:

Can you name some of your favorite hangout places in the city you live in?
Some of my favorite hangout spots in Delhi would be Paharganj (because of the inexpensive bars), Hauz Khaz Village, India Coffee House in CP and Majnu ka tilla (awesome food).

Are you a foody? Which food you like the most?
I think I can safely say am a big foodie. Some of my favorite dishes are:
  • Well Done Steaks with brown Sauce in Sam’s CafĂ© (Paharganj)
  • Barbequed Pork Rib in Nagaland Stall in Delhi Haat
  • Mutton Rara in Karim’s (Any Location)
  • Juicy Lucy Burger in Delhi Heights (Gurgaon)

Tell us something about your hobbies?
I love to travel but unfortunately I can’t pursue that hobby as often, blame it to my 10 to 6 job. Besides traveling, am a hardcore fan of Metal Music. I play drums for a Delhi based metal fans and I try my best to squeeze out atleast 8 hours of jam sessions with the band every weekend, plus play live as often as we can. Seriously, I can’t imagine my life without my music.

If not in your current role, what would you want to be?
Well with all fairness, one day I would love to be a zillionaire and own a small 10 bed room villa located in a private island somewhere in the Bahamas, a garage with some American muscle cars and a small beer brewery next door to quench my thirst. But jokes apart, One day I would love to be a travel writer. Earn a decent living by traveling and writing about it. Am trying everything I can right now to achieve that. Let’s see what fate has in store for me.

How you cope up pressure situation?
Normally I don’t let my work pressures take up my time, because am a firm believer in ‘It’s Just a Job, not the end of the world’, besides, every time a hurdle shows up, I try to face it with my head held high and tackle it. I never want to be among those who worry about life’s problem or scared to face life’s challenges.

What is your mantra of life?
Live and Let Live

How you start your day?
I start my day with a visit to the loo (haha!!), followed by a cup of tea with some nice music in the background.

Who is your reel life hero/heroines?
I am a big fan of Lemmy Kilmister, the front man of the Rock/metal band ‘MotorHead’.. His approach toward life has always been an inspiration for me.

Which character in history (or current life) inspire you the most?
I have always been inspired by Martin Luther King Jr,  his work and how he dedicated his life to fight for a race that was oppressed to the very core. Even in India we need someone like him to stand for all the minorities and their rights.

Your favorite movies/shows?
Well, this is a very tough question. Scar Face, Ragging Bull, Sholay, Taxi Driver. Defiance and the Longest Day are some movies I can watch anytime. I am also a big fan of Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad.

What do you think are the biggest areas for improvement in our country?
Economy wise we are improving, we are getting more politically aware, technology we are a very advance country but when it comes to our social life, we are very backward. Especially how women are treated and the general outlook towards how a women should be, what she should do and don’t. To me, this is the biggest area of improvement in our beautiful, diverse country. 

Do you cast your vote every time?
I do cast my vote, two years back, I traveled almost 2500 kilometers to cast my vote.

Anything which you want to share with readers who read this interview?
If this is the only life that we get, then why are we not doing everything that we wanna do.!

Thank you Akum for sparing time for this interview. We wish all the best in your life.


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