Monday, 16 March 2015

71 years old Nun gang rape: 'Inhuman'

Hard to believe this news!! Disheartened to realize that it happened actually.

As per reports - "The 72-year-old nun was allegedly gangraped by dacoits at Gangnapur in Nadia district in the early hours on Saturday after which a CID probe was ordered into the incident."

Another Report says - "Battling her pain at the Ranaghat hospital, she kept saying: 'Dil mein dard hai (My heart is broken)'. Throughout Sunday, she was more concerned about the security of the school and its students than the trauma she was in, hospital superintendent Atindranath Mondal said. Visitors could not hold back their tears when she prayed that the men who harmed her be forgiven."

Are we living in a society, where no one is spared, not even elderly people?

This is another heinous act of shamefulness.  No more words of description....but thoughts of national shame, fear & anguish. Hope administration will find the culprits (they should have traced until now) and give them hardest punishment for such barbarian act. Strong action is what nation wants.

Over 31000 'reported' rape cases are pending in India. The incident happened, just days after 2011 Park Street rape victim had died of multiple organ failure due to lack of timely treatment. She was still looking for the justice and died.

Surely, it requires a National Policy to address such issues which bring down the country image.


  1. Truly a shocking incident and we just stand and stare! Shame on us!

    1. Authorities should expedite the process of justice....else people take things in their own hands. We have seen what happened in Assam very recently.

  2. Very sad. Human no more in "humanity"...

    1. If you can believe - culprits are not found yet.... which is another sad thing.