Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Movie: Dum Lagaa ke Haishaa - Must watch

Last weekend, on the eve of Holi festival, we all family members decided to watch the latest released movie: “Dum Laga ke Haishaa”. We booked the tickets through BookmyShow.com. Initially some members were quite hesitant as this movie got only 2.5 stars in leading newspaper but I have heard good reviews from those who watched this movie, so we decided to watch it. As we were in the middle of the movie, we realized it was worth to watch it compared to other releases.

The film revolves around two characters:  Prem (Ayushman Khurana) and Sandhya (Bhumi Pednekar). Prem family wants him to marry Sandhya as she is graduate and school teacher. However, Prem has his own hesitations because Sandhya is oversized and doesn’t match to his portray of dream girl. However, as he is Xth class fail and it’s hard to get a match of his likings and also because of family pressure, he gets married to Sandhya. The story moves forward from here, as Prem starts maintaining distance from his wife inside and outside home. In a social function, he shares his embarrassment with his friend - why he thinks his life is ruined? Sandhya hears this and decides to part ways from Prem. The story picks a new turn from here and finally a regional sports competition bring them both together and they develop the sense of affection / love / togetherness which was missing earlier.

There are number of scenes in the movie which makes you laugh. For e.g. in a scene where Prem's mother makes remark to her husband while hearing the sounds of bed springs (from her son’s room)- “Sunte ho, Sayaana ho gaya humra Lappu……….. Zara Jaya aur Rekha ko bhi bata doon, mann halka ho jayega”. Another beautiful scene is when both Prem & Sandhya took turns to play their choice of songs (of 90’s) one after another. There are number of such moments in the film which make you feel connected to the film instantly.

The entire movie is shot in Haridwar & has been staged as mid 90’s era. This was the time dominated by Kumar Sanu voice. The main lead actor of the movie Prem works in his father Audio cassette shop and loves playing songs of Kumar Sanu. In fact, Kumar Sanu is not only a voice in this movie but very much present in the movie through his songs and at the end he plays a little cameo as well. His songs bring back the unique charm of of 90s. Anu Malik and lyricist Varun Grover have created some very good compositions. Film music is nice and melodious.  All songs brilliantly match the situation and don’t seem as added deliberately.

Talking about the performances, both Ayushman and Bhumi played their characters with full passion. While Ayushman looked like a real UP boy with rural accent and an embarrassed husband who always avoids his wife and hesitant to be seen with her in public. Bhumi on the other hand, brings the energy in the movie. Never ever in the movie she looked like feeling sorry about her weight, but mostly confident with her body, her skills and her academics. She is superb in the movie. In fact, all characters justified their roles by getting into the skin of their limited roles. But, Bhumi simply steals the show with her remarkable performance.

Sharat Kataria direction is great, which lets every character to play their part in the movie. He has been brilliant in dishing out different moods of a newly married couple. Direction was so strong, that after watching the entire movie, you might say why it ended so soon? The film has the speed, never really looks like getting slowed down or dragged unnecessarily. Screenplay is also very good. Their home near Ganga river, narrow roads, old structured homes, makes you feel like in Haridwar.  Cassette playing scenes, regional dialect, Kumar Sanu songs, will bring back the lost charm of 90’s and production unit seems to be successful in their efforts to create such piece of entertainment.

I like the movie, in fact all my family members liked it. The movie has the message that physical appearance doesn't matter much if there is love in relationship & good tuning. After a long time, we have seen a movie which is very simple & charming. Go watch it once :)


  1. Okay i will see it. :)
    The way you have mentioned the good points tempts me to see it. :)

  2. Looks interesting and now with your review I think I will like it.