Sunday, 22 March 2015

Talking Tours (4) - Ashish Kumar

It gives me immense pleasure to mention that "Talking Tour" is back after a gap of couple of weeks. I love this series because it gives me the opportunity to interact with different people and know their views on different topics. In the 4th edition of "Talking Tour", I interviewed Ashish Kumar who works in an IT company in Delhi NCR. Ashish is an open minded person, a go-getter, possess strong opinion and never mind sharing them with others. I found him quite genuine person who is very clear in his thoughts.

Talking Tour is a series of personal interviews about those who does posses thoughts of their own. It's good to know thoughts of different people - what they think on various topics, what keeps them ticking. May be there is a learning for us somewhere in these thoughts. Each one of us, has some attributes which are unique some times and common most often.

Tell our readers something about yourself.
Hello everyone! I am Ashish. I live a very simple life but at the same time don't miss any moment to laugh and make others laugh. I believe in giving 100% in everything that you do. Traveling is my passion as well as obsession and am always ready to explore new places whenever I get time to. I am very open-minded person and like to talk with new people; always very curious to know about their culture, languages, way of living etc. At the time of schooling I always hated the History subject but as I grew up, my interest in knowing about the historical places and people, things related to History increased and increased. I can not tolerate people with double-standards, liars and arguing on wrong things or mistakes they have made. If you want to know more about me then let's talk.

Perfect. Let's start then. 

What is in your personality which you like the most?
Smile and honesty

What is in your personality which you dislike?
I sometimes get very impatient and short-tempered on little things, but when I sit and think over it I realize that it was unnecessary.

What are the qualities in a man which you like?
Respect for women

What are the qualities in a woman which you like?
Their mental strength and the ability to control and solve complex situations calmly. Very responsible and reliable. It is rightly said that "there is a woman behind every successful man". Only a woman can work without expecting anything in return. She is a mother, a wife, a sister, a lover and without her life is not a life.

What places you have traveled so far? What is your favorite place & why?
I have traveled to:
Kullu-Manali (including Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Manikaran),
Chitrakoot (MP),
Munsiyari (UK),
Shipki La (HP on Indo-Tibet border),
Chopta (UK),
McLeod Ganj/Triund (HP),
Imphal in Manipur and
Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu).

Of all these, I enjoyed visiting Manali/Rohtang Pass the most and I have been there 3 times. But the most memorable experience was the drive to Shipki La (HP).

Which place you have traveled recently and how was the experience?
On New Year 2015 I went to McLeod Ganj/Triund (Dharamshala, HP). The best experience was the Triund Trekking and it was an awesome experience when I reached on top of Triund after a tiring trek.

Can you name some of your favorite hangout places in the city you live in?
Every place becomes favorite when you go out with your family and friends and enjoy a lot. So, there is no particular favorite place.

Are you a foody? Which food you like the most?
Yes, I am. I like to eat healthy food especially Karela ki subji, Capsicum subji, Dal-Churma (i.e. Daal Bhati), Sarson/Palak da Saag with Makke di Roti with Gud and Makkhan, Meethi Lassi, Dal-Chawal and just anything that is prepared with love. I eat whatever that's available at that time without any 'Nakhre'.

Tell us something about your hobbies?
Stamps and Coins Collection (have got a collection of stamps from India and UK and Coins dated pre-Independence). I also like to play and watch Cricket and Football the most. I am an athlete and likes to take part in such activities even though I don't get much time now a days. I like to do physical activity as and when I get time and also like to play games which require the use of my grey cells (if there is any left ;)), racing games and solve puzzles.

If not in your current role, what would you want to be?
Either a Backpacker or an Athlete.

How you cope up pressure situation?
Just Stay Calm and think over the situation in detail and I am sure there is a way to come out of such situations. Or better take a break for some time and then try to work on it.

What is your mantra of life?
There are few quotes that I follow in my life:
 - Live and let live: If you can not bring happiness in anyone's life then at least do not bring sorrow in their life
 - Never regret anything in your life because at that time it was exactly what you wanted to do
 - Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.

How you start your day?
Frankly speaking from past few years there is no such specific thing that I do to start my day due to odd shift-timings of office. But I would really like to start my day with some physical activity, be it just jogging or stretching, if not more.

Who is your reel life hero/heroines?
Amitabh Bachchan - he is perfect in every role that he plays and he has such a great command over English and Hindi languages.

Which character in history (or current life) inspire you the most?
Chanakya & his Niti's and Shri Krishna (He is neither History, nor Present, but truly inspiring)

Your favorite movies/shows?
Any Comedy, Horror or Drama movies/shows. I like to watch Discovery, National Geographic, History Channel, Comedy Central, Kapil ka Show, News channels, FRIENDS program, Khatron ke Khiladi (any program with Adventure activities involved) and Sports channels. I don't like watching Romantic movies, Saas-Bahu serials.

What do you think are the biggest areas for improvement in our country?
The inequality among the people of India i.e. Rich people are becoming richer and Poor people are becoming poorer and Education to every child and that too for free until Matriculation at least.

Do you cast your vote every time?
Yes, I do.

Anything which you want to share with readers who read this interview?
Chinta or Chita me sirf ek Bindu ka fark hai. So, Live the life to the fullest before it's too late.

Thank you Ashish for this candid discussion. We wish you best of luck in your life.


  1. Great to know Ashish!
    Good day to him! :)

  2. Vishal ji you deserve a big Thank You for making this happen. It was the first time in my life when someone has interviewed me. It also helped me to remind and remember what I am.

    Thank you Indrani ji. Nice to meet you and have a great day ahead!

    May be I should also restart writing, there are so many good people around which I don't know. Writing and sharing is the best way to connect with such nice people.

    1. Try that out and you will love it Ashish. All the best. Keep visiting :)

  3. I haven't had a chance to check out your other Talking Tours, but based on this one, I'd definitely come back for each new one. :) Thanks for showing us a slice from Ashish's life! Best to you both. :)

  4. This is interesting and really nice Vishal! Good to know Ashish :)

    1. Thanks Deepa for stopping by. Keep visiting.