Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Always Open to Learn & Share with others

We must be always ready to sit at the feet of all, for mark you, everyone can teach us great lessons. Says our great law giver, Manu: “Receive some good knowledge even from the low-born and even from the man of lowest birth learn by service the road to heaven.”

We, therefore, as true children of Manu, must obey his commands and be ready to learn the lessons of this life or the life hereafter from anyone who can teach us.

I completely agree to this. A person is always a student, there is always something new to learn every time (be it while interacting with others to know their views, traveling to new places, reading a book, watching movie… tons of examples which gives us teaching every day).  However, I believe it becomes our duty as well to pass our learning to others and let them take the best out of it (by using their own wisdom). Knowledge sharing is very important. As someone rightly said - "the best use of the skill is when it is being shared with others." 

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