Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Treat with Full of Smiles All Around

It was 2pm on Saturday afternoon when my office colleagues Nitya called me that she is returning from a Job Interview and wanted my advice whether to join that company or not. I told her that I am going to our office colleague Ranjeet’s  flat in Saket to discuss about a new project specification because we have to start the work on it from next week onward. Nitya told me that she was nearby Saket Select City Walk and accompanied by her friend Danny. I told her she can come to Ranjeet house along with Danny and we can discuss about her new job opportunity.

It was 3pm when she arrived there with Danny in Ranjet house. While the purpose of meeting was to discuss whether she needs to join the new company or to continue with existing one, but then it was lunch time and me & Ranjeet just finished lunch an hour back. Though I was guest in Ranjeet house an hour back, but with Danny & Nitya just arrived there, I turned into host. Now as a host we needed to make sure that my guests feel comfortable and we realized the need to serve them tea/snacks.  We were little confused as to what we serve them as we just ate lunch. Me and my friend Ranjeet went to his kitchen.  There wasn’t many things available in kitchen to serve our guests.  While we were searching for some options then he told me that he has purchased this easy to make snacks – McCain Smiles Canapés from Reliance Fresh last week.  Boys generally like these easy to cook options so as to save time in preparation. We just found a very good option to serve our hosts with some light snacks. 

Suddenly the question of preparing some traditional snacks lost its complications as we read the instructions of how to make McCain Snacks.  Instructions were very easy. You open the pack, put the Canapés in a pan and deep fry them for 3 minutes until they turn golden in colour. While I tried with my experiment on Snacks, Ranjeet prepared Tea. While it was all quick preparation, but result was satisfying. These smile shaped Canapés made were crispy on the outside and creamy on inside. It was quick, easy to make and very Indian in Taste. When served - McCain Snacks with Hot Tea - Nitya & Danny really liked the taste. They thanked their hosts and we had a very productive discussion between four of us.  We felt good to see smiles on our guests faces. McCain is a very good option for anytime snacks and a ‘must’ item in your kitchen for a Fun Filled Food Treat.

For those, who liked experimenting with their food, they can use their creative side with better presentation and different taste experience.

This story is shared for a contest “Let’s put a smile on that face” under IndiBlogger.


  1. Well written.
    I like those smilies. :)

  2. Nice.. beautiful smilies..

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