Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Talking Tours (6) - Ranjeet Pandey

"Talking Tours" is back with its latest post. In the 6th installment of this series, I interviewed Ranjeet Pandey. Like many other youngsters who move to Delhi from different part of the country, Ranjeet came to National Capital in year 2002 for graduation and better employment opportunity. This interview session was quite interesting as he answered each question in detail.

Talking Tour is a series of personal interviews about those who does posses thoughts of their own. It's good to know thoughts of different people - what they think on various topics, what keeps them ticking. May be there is a learning for us somewhere in these thoughts. Each one of us, has some attributes which are unique some times and common most often.

Let's start this interview....

Tell our readers something about yourself.
I am a simple, down to earth and generous person. I love driving and traveling to places. Professionally, I am into IT field for more than 9 years now.

I was born and brought up in Patna. After completing my 12th, I moved to Delhi in 2002 for graduation and job thereafter.  My parents are in Patna. I stay in Delhi with my wife and two years old daughter. I love spending time with my family.

Early days in Delhi were very tough, a bachelor accommodation, limited money and mountain load of desires. Gradually, time passed by and I got into job immediately after graduation. The post-graduation happened along with the job

This is how it is.. Life has moved on, I have seen growth professionally and financially but desires are unlimited and responsibilities grow as you grow olde.

I aim to do something big in life and am working towards it. You know.. small steps and small ideas take you far, you just need to keep working hard and stay focused towards your goal.

What is in your personality which you like the most?
I am helpful and very friendly to people.

What is in your personality which you dislike?
Quite a few I think. I tend to get angry at times, which I should control. There should be a fine line between ego and self-respect. Don’t be emotional.


What are the qualities in a man which you like?
Friendly, helping and practical. You should be what you are.

What are the qualities in a woman which you like?
I think the previous answer holds true for women as well. A nice human being who helps people and speaks her mind but not “My Choice”.

What places you have traveled so far? What is your favorite place & why?
I love traveling but I don’t get time to travel due to work and family. I have been to some places around Delhi. My recent visit to Jim Corbett was really memorable. A long drive to Ramnagar followed by a Jungle Safari, sighting wildlife was an amazing experience.  Other places were Nainital, Mussorie, Agra and Jaipur.

I plan to visit more destinations this year, this time towards south of India.

That's very good.

Which place you have traveled recently and how was the experience?
The recent travel was to Jim Corbett National Park in Ramnagar, Uttrakhand. The experience was amazing, it was a long drive from Delhi to Ramnagar and then a jungle safari the next morning. It was very thrilling to visit the park and discover wildlife, the habitat, nature and surroundings.

I was not lucky enough to spot a tiger but it was an amazing experience all through.

Indeed it's a popular travel destination. Would you mind sharing some photographs of your Corbett trip?
Yes sure. It was one of the memorable trip we have so far. Here are the photographs:

Thanks Ranjeet for sharing these pics with readers. We appreciate that.

Let's continue with this interview.

Can you name some of your favorite hangout places in the city you live in?
Some of the favorite hangout places are Connaught Place, Garden of Five Senses – very near to my home, Select City Walk mall and some restricted zones where above 21 can visit. Quite a few open spaces in Gurgaon and Faridabad.

Are you a foody? Which food you like the most?
I am a vegetarian. I am fond of Parathas, so I don’t mind driving to Murthal at times for a breakfast. I like Chole Kulche, Momos, Pizzas and traditional North Indian Roti and Daal.

Tell us something about your hobbies?
I love traveling, music and cricket. 

If not in your current role, what would you want to be?
A farmer or a social worker helping poor people. 

How you cope up pressure situation?
I try to keep my cool and take the situation as it comes. Every problem has a solution, you should know how to handle it. 

What is your mantra of life?
Enjoy your life, live it the way you want. Don’t think too much otherwise you will unnecessarily invite health problems like high BP, cholesterol, etc. but do get a health check-up once in a year. I do :)

How you start your day?
With a walk, at least 3-4 days during working days and definitely during weekends. Light breakfast and off to work.

Who is your reel life hero/heroines?
Be it reel or real life, my favorite heroes are Indian soldiers who guard the country from foreign threats and stand for support during calamities. 

Which character in history (or current life) inspire you the most?
I think Doraemon is an inspiring one as you can get the kids to do what you want. :) just kidding. 
Our freedom fighters, Gandhi Ji, Subash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and many more. 

Your favorite movies/shows?
Favorite TV show is Crime Patrol, Newshour on Timesnow. Movies.. I don’t watch many but recent ones I liked include PK and Badlapur
Though, I would always remember Maalamal Weekly, Gangajal, Guide and Dabang.

What do you think are the biggest areas for improvement in our country?
I think the biggest areas of improvement are:

1)    Poverty: We are a big country and the largest democracy in the world but we are still among top poor countries. We are a growing economy but are still home to around 20% of world’s poorest. We can eradicate poverty but politicians need to have the will power. I think these corrupt politicians don’t want India to grow because if it gets educated, they would not vote for them. It has been 67 years since independence but poor have become poorer and rich have gone richer.

2)    Distribution of wealth and benefits: You have lots of ‘Yojnas’ and government benefit schemes but they don’t reach the needy.

3)    Education: Need to have better education facilities, more universities in smaller towns.

4)    Health: Better and cheap healthcare for all.

5)    Infrastructure: Roads, flyovers, canals, water and electricity.

6)    Decentralization of growth: Why only metros are developed in the country? You are expanding the city by creating satellite towns because it can’t bear the load of increasing population and real estate demands. If your tier II and tier III towns are given the change to grow, all of India will grow. You can’t call India a developed country with a handful of cities that drive jobs, service and manufacturing.

7)    Corruption: Everyone should be held accountable. This should be a criminal offence.

8)    VIP culture: We should bring an end to this VIP culture. Only President, PM and CMs should get VIP treatment.

Do you cast your vote every time?
Yes, I do and I think each one of us should cast our vote to keep bad people from entering our democratic institutions.

Anything which you want to share with readers who read this interview?
We are all very busy in our day-to-day lives. We must take time out of the busy schedule to relax a bit. Give time to family. Help poor and fight for justice.

Great. It was one of the most detailed interview I had in this series. 

Ranjeet, we wish you all the best and hope you will be successful with all your future plans.


  1. Great to know him!
    Almost all of us have problem with corruption and VIP culture. :(

  2. "My Choice" was the best part ;)

  3. Good One! Quite Expressive... I am looking forward to seeing Mussoorie too :)

  4. Enjoyed reading the Talking tour.
    Doraemon is indeed an inspiring character - very capable of keeping kids glued to the TV. :-)

  5. Good to know him, i liked his trip to Jim Corbett...i would put that on my to-do list as well :)

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