Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2015 – Year of long weekends

In year 2014, we have seen couple of long weekends from August month onward. However, if 2014 was year of holidays then 2015 is certainly the year with long weekends. If you want to plan some travel trips or family/group outing, just spend some time in looking at 2015 calendar.  With some planning & couple of days off in between, we can get as many as 58 days off work in 2015, besides the regular weekends.

Considering those who works 5 days a week (like me), this year we have 7 three days weekend when a festival is scheduled either start or end of the weekend. These festivals include:

Republic Day – Monday 26th Jan 2015, means long weekend from 24th Jan (Saturday), 25th Jan (Sunday) and 26th Jan

Holi – Thursday 5th March 2015. Take a leave on 6th March (Friday) and you have a long weekend for you.

Good Friday – 3rd April (obviously Friday). Another long weekend.

Baisakhi/Ambedkar Jayanti – Tuesday 14th April. A leave on Monday will make long weekend.

Gandhi Jayanti – Friday 2nd October. 

Dussehra – Thursday 22nd October. Take Friday off to make the most of this weekend. 

Diwali Bonanza

Here if you have the capacity to take leave on Monday & Tuesday, 9th & 10th Nov (with previous Saturday & Sunday) then you can really make it an extended long weekend. Here is how: 

Diwali – Wed 11th Nov

Gowardhan Pooja - Thursday 12th Nov

Bhai dooj – Friday 13th Nov & then Saturday, Sunday. Makes it a bumper long weekend. Those who wish to go to their hometowns for Diwali can convert it into a nine-day holiday, as the days of festivities are sandwiched between the weekends.

Christmas – In December, Id-e-Milad and Christmas are scheduled on consecutive days 24th (Thursday) and 25th December (Friday) and then you have Saturday & Sunday (off). 

For those who usually get just the Sunday off from work, with as many as five festivals falling on Saturdays in 2015, including :

Vasant panchami -  24th Jan 2015 (Saturday)

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti - 14th Feb 2015 (Saturday)

Gudi Parva – 21st March 2015 (Saturday)

Ram Navami – 28th March 2015 (Saturday)

Independence Day - 15th August (Saturday)

Tulsidas Jayanti – 22 August (Saturday)

Krishna Janamashtami – 5th September (Saturday)

Muharram – 24th October (Saturday)

So whether you have 5 days/week or 6 days/week office, there are enough opportunities to make use of these long weekends. Plan some outing with your family/friends but also make sure work does not affect. :)


  1. That is a good helpful list. :)

  2. Hehehe...
    it was same i noticed when we received our official calender in mailboxes...

  3. Long weekends is music to my ears :)

    1. And this year is dedicated to long weekends. Enjoy.